Live casino games 2022

Live casino games! When we look at the gambling sites in general, casino sites are generally user-oriented. Although the house edge or the house always wins view is common among some players, this is not what it seems. You can play hundreds of casino games where you can earn high profits, as you will see in our list of live casino games 2022.

Live casino games

The luck factor doesn’t matter much when you play board games, card games and similar strategy and knowledge games. In slot games, scratchcards and similar casino games, luck is always one click ahead. It is impossible for us to give you exact recommendations on this list. We will try to table and analyze several popular live casino games just to have an idea for you. You are responsible for the wins and losses you will get in the games you play.


Blackjack, which is at the top of the list, is one of the table games where you can get both the most fun and high wins. He is also the king of card games. There is a chance factor, but when we look at it in general, it is definitely a game focused on experience, knowledge and experience. He does not forgive inexperience. The slightest strategic mistake you make can cause you significant losses. If you make your bets according to your knowledge and experience and play according to the rule, you can get high wins with Blackjack.


Poker, one of the most common, most diverse and most played games, is also an indispensable game for live betting sites and casino sites. You can play the Poker game, which has several sections on almost every site, live if you want or from the desktop or mobile applications prepared by the sites if you want.


Roulette, which is one of the oldest games in the casino world, is the most played game of the gaming sections of live betting sites and casino sites where you can make high profits, but it is completely based on luck. Especially when you want to try your luck at high-stakes roulette tables, it’s not even out of the business to get astronomical wins. Roulette bets are very diverse.

Live casino games 2022
Live casino games 2022

Casino sites stand out for their variety of games. The more types of games it has, the more in-site interaction and activity there will be. So, you should know everything when choosing live casino games 2022 that you can earn much.

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